Artist Spotlight - Lois van Baarle

There are so many amazing talented people I stalk on the interwebs, I decided to create an "Artist Spotlight" feature on the blog, so that you may also be impressed!

For the first of my artist spotlights, meet Lois Van Baarle, also known as Loish!

Lots of texture and vibrance, curvy girls with bubblegum-colored hair, and stylish clothes I wish I had in my wardrobe - are all part of her very unique and beautiful style!

Her pieces are very feminine and full of life! A lot of her characters look a little bit like herself, don't you think?

Many types of floating sea-life are also a recurring theme! (I think they are super-fun!)

So go check out her website, from there you can find her art for sale, and all her social media links.

I take my leave with these pics of her art process.


Lois, you are an inspiration!

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