Looting Daiso

There was this cool Japanese store that I always liked to enter because it was full of unusual, quirky things. I didn't know that Daiso was a world brand until I read this post on SuperZiper (Brazilian site).

So apparently they are closing, which is sad... but on the bright side they are having a huge fire sale! For about €0.35 a piece (!), I went a little nuts and looted Daiso guiltlessly! Check it out, I even divided it in categories:


  • Solid colors wrapping paper (too bad they didn't have more colors)
  • Protective case for electronics
  • A small triangle ruler set
  • Very pretty little notebooks
  • Oil Pastel box
  • Some pens
  • A wooden box I thought was nice because of the nail free joint system - Only when I got home and read the label I discovered this is a traditional measuring unit in Japan, called Masu. It was used to measure rice as a form of currency, and nowadays as a vessel for serving Sake, or dry condiments such as pepper, salt, and sugar at the table. I am not sure what mine is made of, but it smells great so it might well be Japanese Cypress.


Needless to say, I was thrilled to see the many crafting items available at the shop.

  • EVA foam sheet
  • A leather-like perforated sheet
  • A piece of fabric with a nice texture
  • Polymer clay (Never used this! Seemed like a good opportunity to try)
  • Acrylic webbing tape in some colors
  • Eye buttons for dolls
  • Velcro tape
  • Wooden picture frames I intend to make some art for

Other Utilities

  • Inflatable pillow (the striped one)
  • Instant freeze pack - I thought you could reheat these and use them again, but it turns out it's a one time thing. You punch the bag and it freezes. Well, still gonna be useful I suppose, the one time.
  • A mesh bag for travel or laundry (you can wash delicate things in there to protect them, or long things like shoe laces so they don't tangle on everything)
  • A long, thin washcloth - you can hold on each end to wash your back, hehe
  • Bottle opener
  • Silicone sponge for shoes
  • A simple brush (it was supposed to adhere to tiles or glass with a suction hook, but that didn't work out. Oh, well.)
  • Some cables with hooks
  • A silicone grip so you don't hurt your hand with heavy bags
  • Hair elastic (you can cut it and tie, but i think I'm going to make a head band with mine)
  • A drawstring bag (they had so many nice patterns, it was hard to choose just one)
  • Zippered case with big polka dots

So thrilled with these! The whole lot above cost me about €13 (I couldn't resist going back another day and buying more stuff, but i didn't take more pictures) :)