Amigurumi Snoopy and Flower hair clips

Made some gifts for my friends! It felt good to crochet again, it had been a while.

Here are some progress pics. One of the good things about being creative is that you are excused to be messy!

The head was a little tricky, had to figure out some stitch placements. And no, these are not runes or cuneiform script, they are crochet symbols used in diagrams. Quite handy actually, if you do amigurumi or crochet I recommend you give it a try, its pretty simple and much faster to follow. And very useful if you design your own patterns.

I like to leave my stitch markers in the doll parts until they are done, so that I don't have to stop to take notes all the time. I can easily figure out what I did earlier by following the markers.

More pieces!

Starting to look like something?

Yay, done! I didn't have a little house, so he just laid down on the yarn.

For the red flower I used this pattern, but I made only 2 rows of petals, not 3, gathered the middle and improvised a bobble for the center. For the daisy I used this one. And then attached them to hair clips!

Snoopy was feeling fancy so I let him borrow one of the flowers! :D


Sneak Peek

A sneak peek into what's coming next:

I also sketched this while watching Adventure Time the other day. Thought it would be fun to share!


SPRING - New clipart set

Spring is here and with it comes a new Purple Frog clipart set!


I sure am inspired by all the flowers and awakening trees around here! There is freshness all around!

As always, the set is also available as black outline digital stamps + photoshop brushes here.


Proudly Presenting
Purple Frog Cliparts - a shop on Etsy

So this is what I've been up to.
I'm proud to present my own little shop on Etsy: Purple Frog Cliparts.


After many years of dreaming and thinking about opening a shop with my art and/or crafts, I decided that selling clipart is the best choice for me at this moment.
If you are not familiar with clipart, they are simply drawings in digital format that you can use for various purposes, like cards and invitations, scrapbooking, home decor, party printables, webdesign, graphic design, the list goes on and on. You can either print each clipart as it comes, cut it and glue as a paper craft element, or add them to digital projects, like picture albums that will be published online, facebook covers, websites. I am also offering digital stamps/brushes versions of each clipart set. These are black outline drawings, that you can color yourself digitally or traditionally with colored pencils, copic markers, etc. Or use them in black and white as embroidery patterns, for coloring pages or specific effects. The stamp sets also come as Adobe Photoshop brushes, very handy for graphic designers. Here are some samples, you can see all that is available in the shop itself.

So come on and take a look, what do you think? All feedback is appreciated as I'm just getting started.
I also have a Facebook page now, you can follow the shop's and blog's activity over there. I plan on adding new products regularly, so be sure to check back if you enjoy what you see.

You can keep in touch with me also on Pinterest and Flickr if you use those.

I'm very excited to finally share this news! =)
To celebrate the launch, I am offering 20% off anything until 31st of March! To get it, enter the promo code GIVEME20 at the checkout.


Shaking the Dust

Long time no post.
Just passing to shake the dust a little and say that I have been busy working on something pretty exciting, and that is why the blog is so abandoned. I will be back soon with the news!

Meanwhile, have a belated Happy New Year poster - made by Something Charming.



3 Simple Washi Tape Ideas

Finally got my hands on some washi tape! (Where I live they are not so easy to find).
In case you are not aware of washi tape, take a look here, there are thousands of cute things you can do with them!
Here are some ideas I came up with.

- Wrap a Pen

Super easy, go over one side of the pen with tape, then do the other side. You usually can match the pattern with the next row of tape, like this:

 Cut the extra at the ends and you´re done. The tape was peeling off a bit on mine, a little dab of glue here and there will help to keep it in place.

- Mark a noteboook

Stick some tape on a page, then fold it over itself. You can even do this on books since washi tape peels off easily.

If you are marking more pages, try to match the position of the previous tape with the new one. 

 - Wrap a tealight candle

 This was a bigger tealight, so i used 2 pieces of tape, matching the design like with the pen.

If you have extra tape hanging, make little cuts all around and stick them to the bottom of the candle.

Enjoy your "washified" objects!