Amigurumi Snoopy and Flower hair clips

Made some gifts for my friends! It felt good to crochet again, it had been a while.

Here are some progress pics. One of the good things about being creative is that you are excused to be messy!

The head was a little tricky, had to figure out some stitch placements. And no, these are not runes or cuneiform script, they are crochet symbols used in diagrams. Quite handy actually, if you do amigurumi or crochet I recommend you give it a try, its pretty simple and much faster to follow. And very useful if you design your own patterns.

I like to leave my stitch markers in the doll parts until they are done, so that I don't have to stop to take notes all the time. I can easily figure out what I did earlier by following the markers.

More pieces!

Starting to look like something?

Yay, done! I didn't have a little house, so he just laid down on the yarn.

For the red flower I used this pattern, but I made only 2 rows of petals, not 3, gathered the middle and improvised a bobble for the center. For the daisy I used this one. And then attached them to hair clips!

Snoopy was feeling fancy so I let him borrow one of the flowers! :D

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