Easter egg cartons

There's still time to spice up your Easter gifts or decoration. Here's a little tutorial i made on how to transform an egg carton using a pretty napkin.

Here's what you're gonna need:

- egg carton(s)
- decorative napkin
- glue
- i used a foam brush, but a regular brush will work as well.

Step 1

Remove the labels of the carton. See that little blue spot i missed? It showed a bit through my napkin, so you might want to avoid that.

Step 2

Cut your napkin so that there is enough paper to cover the whole lid of the carton and your motive is centered. Lay the napkin on the lid first to decide what will look good where.

Step 3

You can't see in the picture, but there is white glue diluted on water on the little plate. Spread this over the whole lid. The carton is very absorbent, so you might have to reapply as you continue to glue to napkin to it.

Step 4

Carefully lay the napkin on the lid and start to apply the glue on top of the napkin. It should be pretty soaked and it will get fragile, but if you accidentally rip it, just continue to glue it in the same way. It shouldn't be very visible once it's dry.

Step 5

For the "weirder" shapes of the box, you will just need a bit of patience and to keep applying the water+glue mixture. The napkin will bend and take the shape of the carton. You could also choose to apply the napkin only on the flat part of the lid, as i did on the bigger carton (more pictures ahead)

Step 6

For the holes, just poke the napkin and work it with glue towards the inside of the lid, like so:

Step 7
Carefully rip out the excess napkin and glue the ends to the carton. On this box you can see i applied the napkin only on the flat part of the carton, so i ripped that edge too on this step.

Step 8

Let it dry and fill with eggs! =)
Now you have a cute way to give away eggs on Easter, and as a bonus they will be easy to transport.

If you use this tutorial, i would love to see some pictures of what you came up with!