3 Simple Washi Tape Ideas

Finally got my hands on some washi tape! (Where I live they are not so easy to find).
In case you are not aware of washi tape, take a look here, there are thousands of cute things you can do with them!
Here are some ideas I came up with.

- Wrap a Pen

Super easy, go over one side of the pen with tape, then do the other side. You usually can match the pattern with the next row of tape, like this:

 Cut the extra at the ends and you´re done. The tape was peeling off a bit on mine, a little dab of glue here and there will help to keep it in place.

- Mark a noteboook

Stick some tape on a page, then fold it over itself. You can even do this on books since washi tape peels off easily.

If you are marking more pages, try to match the position of the previous tape with the new one. 

 - Wrap a tealight candle

 This was a bigger tealight, so i used 2 pieces of tape, matching the design like with the pen.

If you have extra tape hanging, make little cuts all around and stick them to the bottom of the candle.

Enjoy your "washified" objects!

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