Framed Oil Pastel Drawings

Remember all the artsy-crafty stuff i bought from Daiso? Well it was about time I put some of it to good use!

So I took those oil pastels (which i now think are just simple crayons... but it doesn't matter they are fun anyways!) and made this! It's really good to work on a "real life" traditional media piece for a change. It has that calming effect that the computer can't provide. It has been so long since I did something like this. Not being able to fix the mistakes easily (no ctrl+z on the paper...!) is also an exercise in letting go.
I had that little sketchbook just lying around, and it is the perfect size for the picture frames (also from Daiso).

Not perfect, but nice enough! It's interesting how mostly anything looks better in a frame, isn't it? Now I have to make another one for the other frame to have a set. I'm thinking a bunch of little blue flowers or something. We'll see.

 The back of the picture frames had this interesting joining piece. Is it silly that I thought this was interesting enough to take a picture and post it here? Having no glue there is more eco friendly!

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