Red and Black crocheted things

Here are three red and black crocheted things, they are all a little old, but I thought it was worth it to show them here. And they were conveniently color-coordinated!

Mini Pucca keychain

This tiny Pucca was made with cotton thread and a small crochet hook, 0.75 or 1.00mm if I remember well. No pattern for this one - I made it up as I went ;)
Also if you like Pucca click on wallpapers here, they have some pretty adorable ones!

Ladybug pincushion

I think this is the oldest of the three - I made it when I was still discovering amigurumis and getting into crochet again! I got the pattern online back then, but I can't find it anymore... if someone reads this and knows where it's from please tell me so I can give proper credit.

Apple Coasters

Sweet, simple and fast to make. To make this I used several different sources, the idea was not mine, but I ended up modifying them into my own version so here goes the pattern:

Crochet Apple Coaster Pattern

Make an adjustable ring (this will close the center so there is no hole there)
R1 - ch 2, dc 12 in the ring, sl st on the 1rst st from row - 12 st (depending on the thickness of your yarn, you can use more or fewer stitches here, just make sure the closed circle lays flat and full)
R2 - ch2, dc2 in each dc from the previous row, sl st on 1rst st from row - 24 st
R3 - c2, [dc, dc2 in the next st] until end of row, sl st on 1rst st from row- 36 st
ch5, sl st on 2nd st from hook, sc, hdc, sc, sl st
continuing on the other side of the foundation 5ch: sl st, sc, hdc, sc, sl st.
ch5, sl st on 2nd st from hook, sl st 4, FO
Then just sew the leaf and stem to the apple and voila!

If you do make some apples with this pattern I would love to hear it.


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